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4 in 1 Khans Skincare Set

Approved by Malaysia Ministry of Health, Khans Skincare Set is specially crafted by group of medical doctor and  our beauty expert. It’s formulated using Apple Stem Cell and 100% imported from Switzerland. This set is a complete care for your skin needs with cleanser, toner, DD cream and beauty cream.

RM 135


Khans Premium Honey

Khans Premium Honey is 100% original honey imported from Egypt. What makes it so special is the colonies of bees.The bees  is breed in Habbatus Sauda Farm. Khans Premium Honey are good for your health because it can boost your heart, kidneys and body health. It also can help to heal wounds and scars quickly. Thus Khan Premium Honey is great natural supplement for a healthy body.

Khans Beauty Essense

Khans Beauty Essence is formulated from 12 natural ingredients. It’s essential for smooth and healthy looking skin. Organic essence in Khans Beauty is suitable for everyday use to achieve beautiful skin complexion.

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