Khans Skincare was formulated by a group of doctors and chemists to meet the international standard, safe for everyone to use. We assure you that Khans Skincare is free from paraben, mercury, hydroquinone and the rest of dangerous chemicals by approval of the Ministry of Health, along with HALAL certification. Most of the ingredients are sourced from Switzerland and manufactured in Malaysia. Apple Stem-cell, known for its benefits on our skin was chosen as the main ingredient in Khans Skincare.

Along with the skincare, Khans Supplement was introduced to complete our wellbeing. Honey, black seed, berries, and spices are selected due to its nutritional and scientifically proven effects on our health quality. We believe that these natural ingredients which were in daily diets and remedies in ancient times should be revived again for our time.

We treasure your feedback. We want your satisfaction. Be sure to share your experience with Khans Skincare & Supplement in HERE.

‘Unlock your beauty from within…’

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