[PROMO 11.11] KHANS SAFFPLUS 30 sachets

RM89.00 RM79.00


[PROMO 11.11] KHANS SAFFPLUS 30 sachets

RM89.00 RM79.00

KHANS Saffplus
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Khans Saffplus is a dietary supplement with plant extracts from citrus and saffron. Rich with vitamin C and B complex, both are essential for our body and mind. Khans Saffplus is formulated in powder with the intention for easy digestion, thus increase the amount of daily consumption.

  • Help to improve on nervous system, especially emotion and mind
  • Promoting deep sleep and enhance positive mood
  • Highly anti oxidant, good in reducing aging effect
  • Promoting healthy vision and skin complexion


The supplement is formulated from natural ingredients such as:

  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Saffron
  • Vitamin B complex


To be consumed directly 1-2 sachets before sleep. Drink warm water if needed.



✔️ Baik untuk kecantikan kulit
✔️ Membantu merawat masalah kulit
✔️ Menguatkan ingatan & baik untuk minda
✔️ Merawat asma (semput)
✔️ Merawat penyakit radang paru-paru
✔️ Merawat sakit tekak & tonsil
✔️ Mengurangkan sakit kepala/migrane
✔️ Membantu tidur yang lebih berkualiti (insomnia, anxiety & depresi)
✔️ Menambahkan tenaga badan
✔️ Merawat masalah mati pucuk
✔️ Membantu penghadaman yang baik
✔️ Melancarkan pengaliran haid
✔️ Mengurangkan senggugut


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